Connecting Heaven and Earth

Guided Meditation 101

A how to guided meditation 
on connecting heaven and earth through the body. A fundamental necessity as spiritual beings, having a human experience here on earth.
It's basically releasing unwanted energy from others. Then renewing the bodies life force energy with the assistant of a master energy healer. This is a soul deep connection mind, body and soul.
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Psychic Medium Readings 

Wedding Canopy

Readings are friendly and comfortable with a loving and practical solutions. Always harmonious for all parties involved. Daphne's into a medium gifts have been hand down by both parents which runs generations deep. She's been Feature in best psychic directories, little women of Atlanta and WRFG Atlanta Radio. 
All Service are online via Zoom or by phone, your choice.

Energy Healing

Educational tools to be the master of your soul growth as a spiritual being.
Remember you are Simba, the time is now....

Reiki Treatment
My energy healing work is the source for everything that I do. It's the passion that fulfills my soul and now I have the chance to share everything that I have learned, in this life and pass as an intuitive child up until now. With the intention of assist you in your journey. Join me on my new journey through YouTube and on this site, where I intend to teach basic 101 skills all the way up to advance topics that are highly popular and even sometimes overlooked. Engage with me, ask questions on how to's. On various topics like remote viewing, astral projection, Akashic records and even as simple every dicks like, harmonizing the energy in the home, prepping your kids emotionally to take on the world and even self love relationship career and family. Those things that enrich our human experience fulfilled with the intention to uplift and enrich who we are as spiritual beings having a human experience!

  Ask questions and get answers the on YouTube...

Q and A on YouTube house of earth new channel...

My favorite part about being in the shop? Teaching and answering questions on energy healing and intuitive development. You guys really appreciated that and so did I. I'm not going to take that away from you guys
now that I'm online.

I've created a YouTube channel to keep the conversation and education flowing. 

Submit your Questions or Topics you would like more insight on and I'll answer on YouTube

Intuitive consultant and master energy healer .

Special thanks to my national community.  
Thanks for riding out with me and allowing me to be a part of your healing process since 2012. You Guys Rock!