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Psychic Medium  


30 mins $175 | 60 mins $350

21+ years of divine consultations.
Relationship, Career, Family and Personal Development.

Psychic Medium & Energy Healing

Development Course

Reiki Treatment

Trusting your gut intuition is the best thing you can do this lifetime.
Step into your power, remember who you are.

Week 1: Grounding/ Soul awareness
Week 2: Protection/Safety Defense 
Week 3: Chakras/Energy Distribution 
Week 4: Attachments/Beliefs & thought forms 
Week 5: Psychic Senses/The Clairs 
Week 6: Spirit Guides/Angel Assistance 
Week 7: Practice Reading/ Preparing the space

Spring 2023

 Yoga in the community.

Social Emotional Intelligence. A whole mind body awareness through yoga.

Certified kids and adult yoga

Community offerings to:


Hospital Executives

Schools, Private, & Public.

Work Space Team Building 

On metaphysical tools, energy healing, 
personal and spiritual development.

Let keep the conversation  flowing form the shop on the couch to YouTube in your house. 

Ask Me Questions
and Join in in the Conversation.

peace and love.
-Daphne B.

New YouTube Channel.

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