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Psychic Medium Reading 

Daphne B.
The Energy Healer & Psychic Medium.
Practicing 11+ years.
Popular Topics of  Discussion:
Finding Peace and Harmony. Family, Socal Life, Relationship, Career, Finances, Timing, & the most harmonious routes towards good things.

15 mins. $ 80  |  30 mins $ 175   |   60 mins $ 350

Online Spiritual  Development


Tap into your Spiritual Wealth.

Week 1: Grounding. Soul awareness.
Week 2: Protection. Safety Defense.
Week 3: Chakras. Energy Distribution.
Week 4: Attachments. Beliefs & Thought Forms.
Week 5: Psychic Senses. The Clairs.
Week 6: Spirit Guides. Angel Assistance.
Week 7: Practice Reading. Preparing the space.
Coming Soon
Wisdom and Supply Spot
HOE - DECAL_2020_3in_3in_noph#_edited.png
Sage. Candles. Gemstones & Divine Wisdom.

 Yoga in the community.

Social Emotional Intelligence. A whole mind body awareness through yoga.

Certified kids and adult yoga

Community offerings to:


Hospital Executives

Schools, Private, & Public.

Work Space Team Building 

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