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Meditating For Results.

Updated: May 1, 2022

The Ultimate Guides is designed to be one of the best. It's intended to be the last blog post you will ever have to read and refer to.–everything you will ever need to know about the subject.

Meditating can be festering, I get it. In this blog post we will go over. Body alignment. Breath Work. State of Mind. & Energy Flow. This post will go over all the intricately important details of Beginners Meditation with Results. After 15 years of consisitain meditation under my teachers. 15 years of active disciple came with frustrations. Created by the students unwillingness to empty the cup. The foundations are the key all the way up to master level.

Let's Go over the Foundations


Why Is Meditating So Important?

Meditating is a way to connect with that energy and spirt part yourself. It's a way to promote healing and inner peace. It's trusting yourself. And a safe space to process feelings of the day. A way to find homonymous solutions to obstacles, while honoring yourself and respecting the other person involved. Simple solution for every day situations.

Let's get into the nuts and bolts of Meditating For Results.

Step 1. Alignment

A cylinder tube is what really aligned me and my students the easiest/ this 1st step.

Image an clear energy calendar tube. From the heavens or universe about 10% open from the center, crown of your head.

Ears over your shoulder w/ your chin up, having the tube pointed straight up towards the heavens or universe. Down your spine (spinal cord centering the tube) down your root chakra. From your tail bone the tube becomes your Grounding Cord like that of a tree. Feel this area blossom open energetically with an imaginary rose wider than your hip.

Feel this Energy Flow in your root chakra. See Mother Eath's Roots very lovingly grab a hold of yours directed towards the core magma of the earth, like a magnet connecting to it's core.

Exhale, release any tension you're holding to and like an energetic pump. Guide the energy down your grounding cord to the core of the earth. Where Energy is recycled naturally.

Step 2. Run your Energy

Breathing in, energetically through your crown chakra. Feel the energy flow your breath leading the energy All the way down your feet into and down the grounding cord. Down your chakras to the root core of the earth.

Feel the Energy Flow for a five full belly or diaphragm breaths through the energy current you've just created from the universal cosmic energy, through your energy body to the core of the earth.

In your third eye. At the seat of your soul. See energy dials. Set your comic energy dial flowing on auto. Keep your third eye here. It is were you hold your power and remain in your body present. Caution, when you're not in your body. Other spirts are, I'm just speaking facts. You'er third eye is a powerful and safe place to be. The place to be.

Congratulations you've connected Heaven and Earth or Run your Energy.

Intention here is to ground release unwanted energy and renew and connect life force energy.

Step 3. Finding your Breath and Heartbeat

Remember who you are.

Now that your energy's running/flowing. Scan your body with relaxation. Every exhale deep strengthens your growing cord deep into the earth. The inhales wake up the cells with bright golden light within your body. Let it flow freely like a happy dance inside to heal and renew.

Find your breath. W/ only your belly flowing freely w/ out control. Your breath is the plug to your higher self and prime creator. Stay with you breath through this process even when you fall off. Come back to your breath and third eye genetically. {This applies in any crisis or times when you feel way off.} Let the energy run/flow from heaven through your energy body into the earth core.

Step 4. Meditation

These set of instructions must all work together and is not work w/ missing pieces. Don't fool yourself. This is a common pit fall area.

a. Feel your tail bone muscles become very heavy, even as you breath naturally. Keep that tail bone vibes set at heavy and relaxed flow to the core of the earth.

b. Feel your Shoulders heavy and relaxed. Feel your Jaw heavy and relaxed. And Ears heavy and relaxed.

c. This is were the balancing and awareness comes into play. The key pieces to this practice w/ your belly only in movement, the rest of the body completely relax.

Find your heartbeat. Take your awareness to both your ear centers ( w/ noise canceling headphones. So long as they are noise canceling, your good.) Relax Both ears completely see how much further you can ears. While counting each finger w/ each full relaxed belly/ diaphragm breath. You will hear movement of behind your ears. It's the body nervous system releasing worries, tension physically and energetically.

  • Your awareness for relaxation is in your ears, shoulders and tail bone.

  • Your eye looks through your third eye with your eyes close, in the present.

  • Your logic is focused on counting every finger on both hands.

  • If you get distracted, simply come back to your breath and the last finger you remember counting.

  • Enjoying the energy flow through in and out, in and out of your body.

Root into who you are and Rise and into your potential. You are live here and now. Remember who you are. If you're a worry wart feel free to let your mantra be let on your inhale and go on your exhale. Let go of your worries and Sippin add some peace and love on your inhale

Congratulations you're connecting to your Spirit Body.

Intention here is to ground your energy and let that shit go.

Keep the energy flow, Connect to your Life Force.

Feel the energy flows right behind the breath. Enjoy


Application is key. Even with all the knowledge in the world, It's nothing without application.

Setting a set schedule to meditate is key to growth in this area. 3 am is the sacred hour, it's where the veil between heaven and earth is thin. Or in the shower so I can feel physically and spiritually renewed. This is also were I give thanks for life and all my blessings. You are a spiritual being experienced a physical reality. Connecting to the source of your life force is a natural harmonizing essential to your body, both physical and spiritual / energetically. We are not meant to hold on to others energy. This is your sacred space within no one can take it away from you. It's your birthright.

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