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Divine Consultations 

Hair in Wind
Intuitive Psychic Medium 

Readings are towards healing and the greater good of existence for all parties involved present and non-present.

Daphne's intuitive generations deep on both sides and all over her astrology chart.

All services online are online via Zoom or over the phone your choice.

 Yoga in the community.
Social Emotional Intelligence. A whole mind body awareness through yoga.

Certified kids and adult yoga

Community offerings to:


Hospital Executives

Schools, Private, & Public.

Work Space Team Building 

Singing Bowl Sound Healing

Chakra Tune Up

Energy Healing | Sound Bath

Harmonize your energy with the ancient technique of Toning w/ Tuning Fork, Chakra Bowls.
For individuals and gatherings
Fundamental meditation techniques.
Release old energy. Renew & Refresh your energy.
Singing Bowl Sound Healing

Healing Past Memories.

Inner Calm, Outer Beauty 

Sigmund Freud theorized that the unconscious would remember and store all of our experiences. Later they pop up form time to time through dreams and associative thoughts. By revealing traumatic memories and desires through conversation we can free ourselves from our neuroses (involving symptoms of stress and anxiety) and make peace, live a more health and fulfilled life. Schedule sometime with our in house healer today.
Heal from the pass and refresh yourself.

Teal Swan's, the Completion Process

You will book online as a reading, and you will inform me at the time of appt. that it's a Completion Process
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